What’s Trending in Food For 2019

January 7, 2019

Before you push that head of cauliflower to the back of the refrigerator and also ignore that bunch of kale because their time in the culinary sun is up according to the food trending experts, lets be real about trends. They are amusing in that whoever starts down this path is just a guesser. We all know what is trending right now and always has been: simply eating healthy and in moderation and the good news is that the Mediterranean diet was just declared (again) the best diet for all of us to follow! (US News and World Report, January 2, 2019) That means veggies, fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seafood and fish should be on your go to healthy diet list. Add extra virgin olive oil as the cooking fat and you are following the Mediterranean diet. Throw in some daily exercise too. If you can, eat your main meal midday; this may be difficult for a lot of people but studies have shown (and Italy is a perfect example of this), that if the main meal is consumed mid-day instead of in the evening, digestion is better and more calories are burned, resulting in a healthier you! Just remember, trends come and go.

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