Why Start Your Garden from Seeds?

April 18, 2011

“The Vegetable Garden Doctor” is a series of web videos that will help you become a successful first-time gardener and a better experienced gardener, too. Episode three deals with starting garden plants from seed indoors in the early spring so that they are ready for transplanting into the garden come planting time.

As Guy says, “Never underestimate the importance and value of participating in a stress reliever such as gardening. It never fails to relieve much of the stress I feel from the surgery department at the hospital. Gardening requires me to live in garden time, in the present tense and in the moment. We all could use a lesson in slowing down. Studies have revealed just viewing a garden or nature has healthy psychological benefits.”

Guy holding his mini-greenhouse with a plastic lid covering 60 individual mini-planters

So grab your seeds – and your peace of mind and watch the latest episode of “The Vegetable Garden Doctor”!

Missed an episode? Check out the Ciao Italia “Guy’s Garden” blog here.

Here are the first two video episodes:

Choosing and Buying Seeds

Planning the Garden

There’s much more to gardening than meets the eye (or the back). So stay tuned to my blog for new episodes of “The Vegetable Garden Doctor.”

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