Wine and Friends

September 1, 2008

I have a plaque on my kitchen wall that states, Life is Like Good Wine.Best Taken with Friends.

It’s a sentiment expressed frequently, especially in Italian culture. In the United States, these cultural values are easily followed when leisure time is readily available, notably during one’s vacation or holiday. However, I’m afraid that this cliché is somewhat ignored when a family’s time faces the constraints of modern American life.

I recently experienced an event that made me think of this issue. I had the opportunity to take a cooking class with some friends at the The Auburn Watson Culinary Arts Center.The chef in charge that evening was J.J. Richert of Torches Restaurant & Bar.

The plan was to have Chef Richert assign all of us to various cooking stations to help prepare a meal for the evening. All participants were to bring a “decent’ bottle of wine to help us survive the rigors of executing the plans of Chef Richert.

The wines that were brought by all participants were mainly Italian. They reflected the individual tastes of all of the attendees. They represented five different regions throughout Italy:

 These wines would have been very good on their own, but with the accompaniment of good friends, they created a memory for me that will last a lifetime.

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