Mimo's Appetizer Platter

In the kitchen of the Agritourismo restaurant, Mimo sliced a number of the local cold cuts and arranged them on a platter. He used a machine to get really thin slices, but you can get the same result with a very sharp knife and lots of patience.


  1. THESE ARE THE PRODUCTS HE USED:Prosciutto Molisano A locally produced prosciutto crudo, similar to the more familiar version from Parma.
  2. Salame A local pork product, made without pepper, so it has a mild flavor.
  3. Capicolla Made with meat from the neck of the pig.
  4. Ventricina A spicy sausage, made with meat from the shoulder of the pig.
  5. Dried Sausage Another local sausage, dried and flavored with pepper.
  6. Sopressata A pressed pork product, flavored with whole black peppercorns.
  7. Lardo Pork fat, sliced paper thin and served as is, or on top of grilled or toasted bread.
  8. Caciocavallo Two cows-milk cheeses, made with similar processes, but aged for different lengths of time to alter the sharpness of the flavor.
  9. Capicolla and Sopressata are available in some areas of the United States, but the other items are not exported. You may be able to find locally made products that are similar if you live where there is a large population of Italian descent.

This recipe was featured on Season 15 - Episode 1524.

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