Broccolini and Artichoke Pesto

May 2, 2022

It’s artichoke season here and in Sicily where I will be in a day or two and that prompted me to share this delicious pasta with artichoke heart pesto recipe with you. Artichokes are a bit of a challenge to prepare but the rewards are many from not only being delicious but also for the many health benefits derived from eating them. In this recipe, hearts of artichokes are used but if you look through other artichoke recipes on the site, you will find stuffed, fried and braised recipes that use the whole artichoke and not just the heart. My favorite part is the stem that a lot of people discard. There is a iot of flavor in the leaves as well so don’t get rid of too many outside layers of leaves; I usually take off the first two layers. So have a heart but enjoy the rest of the artichoke too.

Get the recipe here.

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