Good Bread

March 1, 2022

Making bread is almost a spiritual experience for some, including me. There is something very meditative about working dough with your hands and watching simple ingredients like yeast, flour, water and salt come together to create bread, probably the most iconic symbol of a food that has sustained civilizations since biblical times. Making artisan breads has exploded and is a whole industry unto itself. I make bread whenever the spirit moves me and cold weather definitely is the motivation for craving a hot loaf from the oven. In my bread book What You Knead, I explain the simple technique for making bread and over the years, I have made many kinds and you can find recipes for them on One bread that I never tire of is fig and anise bread. Moist and slightly sweet with a nice crumb, this bread is great toasted or just enjoyed as is. 

Get the recipe for fig and anise bread here.

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