Toto Cookies

October 17, 2011

Yep, I have started my Christmas cookie baking. I usually make about 15 different kinds, and I’ve got three kinds in the freezer already. All the ones I make freeze beautifully if well wrapped.

Totos (pronounced like toe-toe) are one of my childhood favorites and have descended through my family thanks to a family friend of my grandmother, Mrs Tigani. We always called them Mrs. Tegani’s pepper cookies but Toto cookies is the more classic name.

The first thing that surprises many is that there are no eggs in the dough and there is only 1/4 cup cocoa powder. Yet they are moist and so chocolatey. Raisins and nuts add interest and texture to these cookies that are just the thing to go with your favorite coffee or tea. I am stingy when it comes to parting with this cookie, and you will be too once you make them and take your first bite.

Don’t be put off by the black pepper in the dough. Without it, these cookies would just not be the same.

Here’s the recipe.

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