When in Rome

April 7, 2022

Many classic Easter meat dishes in Italy center around agnello or lamb and each time I prepare it, I recall a telling moment on one of my cooking adventures to Rome, Teaching in a Roman cooking school, I introduced the class to the way Romans prepare abbacchio al forno or oven roasted lamb. Roman cooks are SERIOUS about lamb, how fresh it must be and the right way to prepare it.

While prepping the ingredients for the class, I was about to reach for the leg of lamb that I thought was in the refrigerator but when I checked, it was nowhere in sight. Calling one of the assistants, I asked for the lamb and was met by “si, si, subito”! It is coming! A few minutes later, a large laundry type cart was wheeled into the kitchen with 4 protruding hooves sticking out of it upright! At that moment, I had a call to Jesus, asking for help! Did I have to carve my own leg of lamb??

In humble Italian, I blurted out to the assistant that I only needed un coscio d’agnello. (a leg) Good lesson learned: fresh means fresh so when in Rome… 

Get my recipe for Easter roast leg of lamb.

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