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Playing Chicken

For years I have been trying to perfect my Sicilian grandmother’s chicken in wine dish. I am not even close but I am not giving up. I can still taste that succulent dish permeated with wine and rosemary.  My latest thought was to use a cast iron pan because I r…


Valentines Day In Miniature

Cupcakes have been on the sweet scene for a long time; our love affair with them knows no end. Giant cupcakes, mini cupcakes, two-flavored cupcakes and clever cupcake cakes for weddings instead of a huge cake! There’s no denying their popularity. True, the cupcakes…

Seriously Salad

So it’s the beginning of February and probably a lot of us have broken those enthusiastic New Year resolutions we made. Loosing a few pounds is always right up there at the top of the list. How about adding something really healthy to your diet to help you do that? …

Super Bowl Sunday Kitchen Counter Tailgate

We all know where most of America will be on Super Bowl Sunday, glued to the big screen and with this yearly iconic spectacle comes the anticipated clever commercials that for many are maybe more entertaining than the game itself! Family and friends will gather as we che…

How a N.H. Cooking Show Brought Authentic Italian Cuisine to the U.S.

Go behind the scenes of Ciao Italia with this report from New Hampshire Public Radio as they report from a taping of Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito. You can listen to the piece here.

The Right Crust

Naples is the home of la vera pizza Napoletana, authentic pizza, made according to rigid rules including the right temperature of the wood burning oven, the type of yeast and flour used and the purity of the water for making the dough. Try as we may, unless a vi…


Chill Out with Chili

Now I know there are a bijillion recipes for chili and that’s a good thing because we all need variety in our lives, right? So what is so great about this chili? For starters, this is vegetarian chili so lots of veggies that you may already have on hand go into it. …

Mary Ann Esposito on the Traditions behind Food for Italians and Italian Americans

Check out Mary Ann’s appearance on the Italian American Podcast. We had a great time talking about Italian cooking and traveling to Italy. Listen to the podcast here.

Buscemi Breads

When I visited the sleepy little town of Buscemi (population about one thousand) about an hour’s drive from Siracusa, I thought about the actor, Steve Buscemi, who starred in Broadwalk Empire. Did his relatives come from this town? The town’s residents are mo…

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